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Raymond Neff was born and raised in Carlsbad, California. 

Growing up he learned fabrication skills from spending time with his Dad and Grandpa in the garage. His childhood was spent with friends and family camping in the desert, where something is always proven to break down. Ray learned from a very young age that with skills, innovation and a lot of hard work, anything can be done! This has carried through to him as an adult and he instills this everyday into his children. Ray prides himself on being a successful business owner and serving the community where he grew up.  As a local business owner Ray has enjoyed sponsoring youth sports in the county, the State Beach Classic surfing competition, and Buena Vista Elementary where his children attend school. See below to view Ray featured in the local Union Tribune and Barnetts magazine where his talent was showcased on ESPN2.

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Metric Revolution


At 20 Years old Ray Neff was a "rookie builder" for motorcycle competition aired on ESPN2

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Barnett's Magazine


See Rays featured article in Barnett's Magazine  

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Union Tribune


 "Young Carlsbad resident inherits custom skills"

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"Lil' Ray Neff"

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